Video: Financing the Blue Economy in the Caribbean

In collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank, I contributed to a new report on “Financing the Blue Economy: A Caribbean Development Opportunity.”

The paper examines the potential of the blue economy to drive sustained and inclusive economic growth in the Caribbean.  A joint initiative between the Caribbean Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme, the paper also explores the potential of new and innovative finance mechanisms, such as blue bonds and blended finance to raise new and additional resources for financing blue economy investments.

In May 2018, I hosted the launch of the paper and moderated a Davos-style discussion amongst experts on the Caribbean and on innovative finance. We had a great discussion and you can watch our chat at the link below. Enjoy (and please share your feedback)!

Seminar: Financing the Blue Economy: A Caribbean Development Opportunity

Grenada panel May 2018
We had a fantastic discussion on opportunities for financing the blue economy with: Rob Weary, Taseen Sayed,  Eric Deans and Roger McLeod in Grenada, May 2018

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