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I have worked on many different aspects of development finance for over fourteen years. It is a dynamic and exciting field in which to work. Current areas of interest include how to align far larger shares of international public and private finance with international public policy objectives such as those embodied in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What incentives, policies and innovative finance models can help to achieve these aims? I am also interested in the expanding field of ‘ethical’ and impact investment, and in how cities can finance the SDGs.

My work covers areas such as development aid, innovative finance, debt, tax and the broader international financial architecture and how it can be an ‘enabler’ of sustainable development. I have also carried out considerable work over recent years on financing for development in small island states. The views expressed on this website are mine and are not necessarily those of my current or past employers.

On this website, I have tried to categorise different research, stories and opinion pieces as best I can. In many cases, divisions are by no means neat! So please have a look around and let me know if you have questions, feedback or are interested in a particular professional area.

Enjoy! Gail

Rwanda bus
In 2013, I supported the Government of Rwanda to explore alternative financing for development options. It is a country that has made incredible human development progress over the last two decades. I love this picture of a Rwandan bus piled high with mattresses. Personal photo.

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